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  • Advanced Gel Eye Patches


    10/pack – $19.99

    Aloe treatment eye patches for use during eyelash extension application. These patches help secure and protect the lower lashes. The collagen and aloe eye patches offers a slow release patented formula that delivers beneficial nutrients and substances to the eye area. Collagen delivers elasticity to skin for a more youthful look and brightens the skin leaving a healthy glow.

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  • Air Blower


    Pink Air Blower

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  • D’amore Lashes Crystal Tile


    D’amore Lashes Crystal Tile makes eyelash application a breeze. With it’s smooth surface, it prevents product waste and makes for an easy clean up. The cool-smooth surface allows glue to remain in a liquid state longer and prevents premature drying.

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  • Disposable Mascara Brush


    25/pack – $4

    D’amore Lashes Disposable Mascara Brushes are perfect for separating and selecting natural lashes for an easier eyelash application, as well as straightening each eyelash for a more detailed and bold look.

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  • Micro Brush Set


    Yellow Micro Brush Set

    D’amore Lashes micro brushes are perfect for the application and removal of eyelash extensions. Each micro brush tip helps to isolate specific areas and prevents the waste of product. Each set contains 100 disposable micro brushes.

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  • Small Surgical Micro-pore Tape


    Provides superior skin adhesive with mineral irritation. Natural, highly pore construction allows maximum breath-ability and it tears easily for convenient use. Latex-free and lint-free with smooth coated edges.

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